1. Maternal Unit

    If you don’t feel like cleaning off those chicken bones you can throw them in a big pot with water, boil them. Then the meat will fall off and you can make soup. Add your favorite carrots, corn, barley, rice or noodles and you have another meal.

  2. Our Fave Snacks: popcorn (we make our own microwave popcorn by putting a thin layer of popcorn in a paper bag and cooking for 2.5 min), variety of fruit, homemade fruit rollups (just be sure to make them on plastic wrap and NOT on waxed paper or you will have waxed paper to eat with the fruit), and banana chocolate chip muffins.

    If I have a whole chicken, I will sometimes make homemade chicken broth from the leftover bones–cover bones with water in a crock pot, add some seasonings, cook overnight. Next day put in canning jars and freeze until needed.

    I think we’re going to make the sausage-carrot-potato casserole tonight. We usually don’t put cheese on, but might give it a try this time!

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