Summer is Winding Down

Where has the time gone?  We have been very busy this summer with only one or two full weekends at home.  Otherwise we have been traveling and wrangling an ever more energetic Frugal Boy.

On Thursday of last week one of the two Aldi stores in town had a grand reopening.


The renovated store has a larger footprint and a wider selection of goods.  It will take some time to figure out where things are in the rearranged layout.

We’ve had some very hot and muggy August days.  Our garden did well for the first half of summer, but insects have decimated all of our second plantings of lettuce, spinach, and carrots.


On Saturday I made lamb ravioli for Shae’s birthday dinner.  My mother-in-law helped to speed things up.  A two pound lamb loin made about 35 large ravioli.  It only took about three ravioli to make a filling meal.  We fed six adults and had plenty of leftovers.  The total cost of ingredients was about $50, making it very economical, even for the specialty meat.


Frugal Boy got his first taste of corn on the cob courtesy of his grandparents.  I think he liked it, as we had to hide the box of un-shucked corn to keep him out of it.


And here is a picture of the birthday girl.

IMG_7752 (1)

On Sunday, Grandma put up the remainder of the corn they brought down while Grandpa played with Frugal Boy.  Here Grandma is imparting some wisdom to the youth.

IMG_7757I worked some more on our front porch.  I have been keeping track of receipts and will do a post with the total cost of that major renovation when I am done (sometime this year).

Frugal Boy and Grandpa enjoyed watching from the window.  Those two are thick as thieves.

IMG_7763A big thank you to all of Shae’s family for coming and helping out.  We had a fun weekend despite the heat.




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