800 Club!

I got a nice little surprise today when I saw that my credit score had broken into the 800s for the first time.  It is mostly meaningless, as anything over 720 or 740 will qualify you for the best lending rates.

Pay your bills on time, don’t use 100% of your available credit, and go enjoy life!


screenshot from the Credit Karma mobile app

Southwest Airlines Companion Pass

I finished credit card churning a pair of Southwest cards a couple of months ago.  The combined total point reward was 110,000 miles, which just so happens to be enough to earn the valuable Companion Pass.

Basically, the companion pass is a BOGO, buy one, get one, on airfare.  It is good for the rest of the current year (2018) and all of next year (2019).

We’ll probably burn up 40,000 points to fly our family of 4 to a wedding this fall.  Frugal Girl still flies free until she turns two years old, and the companion pass means that Shae can fly free anywhere with me now too. So that just leaves a round trip ticket for Frugal Boy and myself.  The same trip would be about $900 in airfare at current prices.