Spring Mishmash

In the interest of not falling too far behind on blog posts here is a new one.  Unfortunately, I don’t have enough quality material for an on focus post, so let the ramblings begin!  Please do try to keep up, we’ll be switching topics rapidly.

A New Hat

The last bit of winter weather was the straw that broke Shae’s back.  She brought out the sewing machine and made a custom fleece hat for herself with ear flaps (a must have feature according to her) and a special cutout for hair.

IMG_6212  IMG_6214  IMG_6213

We Visited Family

Easter weekend we visited with family.  Frugal Boy got some one on one time with Grandma.

IMG_6237  IMG_6257

Vegetable Korma

Shae planned out April’s dinner menu.  A surprise favorite so far for me was vegetable korma.  This vegetarian dish is big on flavor and texture (depending on how long you cook the veggies).  Next time I think I want to add some chicken or a white fish for that little extra bit of extra flavor.



Walking Becomes The New Thing

Frugal Boy can now be seen wandering aimlessly through the house on two limbs instead of four.

Blueberry Bushes Get a New Home

We ordered two dwarf blueberry plants for our backyard.  The two varieties are suitable for container gardening and in a few years we will hopefully be collecting 5-10 pounds of fresh berries each summer!  In preparation for the new arrivals we got their large pots ready with nice acidic soil.


Is the Carnival in Town?

The weather has been fantastic and we have been booting Frugal Boy outside as much as possible.  Our neighbors seem to have the same idea, so when a bounce house got set up and they invited Frugal Boy over to jump in it I couldn’t say no!



Slides are FUN!

We’ve found that playgrounds offer a better place for Frugal Boy to express his climbing desires than our living room furniture.  He seems to be taking after his oldest cousin and is completely fearless about going down any slide by himself.

Hanging Out and Eating Crackers with Mom

We are working on getting Frugal Boy used to the idea of spending all day outside when it is warm out.  I have fond memories of childhood and playing outside until it got dark out.  Hopefully with the proper nurturing and boundaries Frugal Boy will be able to experience some of the carefreeness of our youth.