1. Anthony Holland

    I went to this camp in the early nineties every summer. Its great to see it again, although its all overgrown.

  2. Chris

    My siblings and I have very joyful memories of GVC which remain some of the most enjoyable childhood memories for us. Having grown-up in the foster-care system of Illinois, many of our experiences are ones we wish we could forget, so to have the pleasant ones like GVC keep me from thinking I had a rough childhood. Both of my sisters later worked for the camp in either kitchen staff, or even later as councilors in the cabins. Green Valley had transitioned over to Camp Eagle Crest on the opposite side of the river by the time I was eligible to work. I also had been split from my sisters whom were both legal adults and was placed in another home. Through Lutheran Child and Family Services (The agency which had custody of my case) I was introduced to Camp Wartburg, down state in the Waterloo, IL area and instead became a regular staffer there. It is sad to see the camp in such much needed repairs of a state as it appears. I forgot completely about the Kaboose until the picture. I remember when it was placed on the grounds and it was used as a learning/crafts room. Several pavilions were used the same and were much more pleasant than the Kaboose as they allowed air-flow and the train cart entrapped heat. The canteen is much larger than I remember. For some reason I only remember maybe two picnic tables. The field opposite the canteen is where the flag was raised and lowered each day and next to the cross, which I remember our regular “Call to the cross” meetings. It does appear that many of the cabins have been demolished, but they were not in great shape in the 90’s so no surprise there.

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