Reading and NASCAR

Last week we turned in our summer reading logs.  Every participant that completed the program received a bag of goodies, mostly coupons to local businesses.  The kids program got considerably more than the adults and Frugal Boy may have to surrender several of the free cookies that he is entitled to.  After all, we did all of the reading!  The adults were entered into a raffle and as luck would have it, my name got drawn.  I had a choice of a $25 gift card to a variety of local establishments.  I ended up choosing the one for the butcher we frequent.  Mmmmm, $25 worth of meat!  That will go a lot further than $25 at one of the upscale restaurants.


Frugal Boy continues to develop in leaps and bounds.  This morning when he fell and skinned his knee he hardly even paused to whine about it.  Play time and learning are too important to be slowed down by a river of blood.  As parents, we try not to make a big deal about little ouchies and it is nice to see that he remains calm as well.


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