Patching a Flat Tire

Spring has finally arrived in full force and we have been taking full advantage of the warmer weather.  One of our favorite activities is going for walks with Frugal Boy and his nifty difty jogging stroller his Aunt gifted him.


You can imagine our sadness when the front tire went flat.  Not to worry, patching an inter tube tire (the kind that most bicycles have) is a simple and cheap procedure.

There are only a couple of items needed to complete the repair.

  1. A patch kit (can be found in almost any big box store or your local bicycle shop will have dozens of different brands and styles)
  2. An air pump
  3. A pinch of perseverance.


If you’ve never patched a tire before, just get on Youtube and search.  There are dozens of step by step videos that explain it way better than I ever could.

After filling up the inter tube with air, I heard the tell tale hissing sound of a leak.  Here it is all patched up.


Before you reassemble the wheel, make sure the inter tube holds pressure.  I double checked and it turned out there was another puncture!  All in all, patching a tire is a simple and cheap DIY project for all experience levels.

The End!


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