Fixing a Broken Fitbit Charge HR

I gave Shae a new Fitbit Charge HR for Christmas last year.  By this summer,the band was already starting to delaminate.  She wrote to their customer support asking how to fix it, and their response was, “throw the old one away, here is a brand new replacement”.  It seemed like a waste to throw away a mostly working product, so I started using the old delaminating product.  Over the next several months, the band delaminated more and more until one day it completely fell off.


I didn’t have much to lose, so I found some old super glue gel I had laying around the junk drawer and proceeded to clean off the fitbit module surface and band surface as best as I could.  Then I carefully applied a bead of super glue to the module, refit the band to it, and left it to cure for a couple of hours.  Later that day, the fitbit was fixed.  I have been using it for about two weeks now and there are no signs of bubbling or peeling.  I am not sure if this factory adhesive failure was isolated to this unit or if it affected a larger batch of production.  The fix is incredibly easy however.

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