Zoo Stampede 5K and Fun Run

Every winter our local zoo puts on a 5K, 3K, and kids fun run.  It is a great way to support the zoo, get outside after a forced hibernation, and see the zoo.

This was the second year that Frugal Boy ran the kids fun run.  It meanders through the zoo grounds past exhibits before finishing just outside the gates.  Every participant gets a medal and a baggie of apple slices.

Frugal Boy did a great job this year and finished somewhere in the middle of the pack.  I was proud that he didn’t wipe out on the concrete like some of the other kids.  He is not the most graceful so that was a big accomplishment in my book.

After the kids fun run, it was time for the 5K to start.  Shae pushed Frugal Girl in one jogging stroller while I pushed Frugal Boy in a second stroller.

I finished in 25:02 and Shae finished in 36:47.  We were both satisfied with our times considering the stroller handicap and both recuperating from illness.

Afterwards we had a little picnic lunch at the park.  Post race food always tastes so good.  It must be a running thing.

It was such a lovely day that we went to the zoo afterwards.  Part of the race registration fee included a ticket for admittance to the zoo.  Frugal Girl found someone as stubborn as her.

And later on, I found a couple of chicken nuggets.