What’s For Dinner? 12/1/2013

Every week I will share our meal plan for the coming week.  Making your own food is a great way to save money, explore new cuisine, and eat healthy (if you choose to make healthy foods).  A good meal helps bring people together and as you improve your cooking skills you will impress more and more people!   I generally use recipes as a starting off point and then experiment with different proportions or ingredients.  Leftovers make great lunches for the 9-5 crowd who might otherwise have to decide between a sandwich or a pricey cafeteria.

This Week For Dinner…

Vegetable Lasagna
Pork Chops , Mashed Potatoes, & Apple Sauce
Sloppy Joes
General Tso Chicken

Snack Food…

Fresh Fruit, Cranberry Cheese Ball w/ Crackers

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