Some Pictures from Spring

I have some more interesting blog posts in the works, but for now here are some pictures from our lives.

Here I am firing up the grill on the first nice day of Spring.  I’m also imparting some wisdom to Frugal Boy who is perched on a five gallon bucket.

Later that night, Frugal Boy put together his very first banana boat.

A few days ago, we voted in a local election.  Our mayoral race was not close, but the neighboring town was too close to call with only a 7 vote difference between candidates with 35 absentee votes still waiting to be returned.

Also on the ballot were school board members, the folks responsible for 62% of our property taxes.  They probably have the biggest ratio of taxes to media coverage of any elected official.

Frugal Girl tried out a smile for size.  It is hard to believe that she is almost a month old.

Frugal Boy and I went to see the circus.  I don’t think he’ll be running away and joining them anytime soon.  It was a bit of struggle to keep him interested.


Frugal Boy had his three year checkup today.  39 was the number of the day.  He measured in at 39″ tall (88th percentile) and 39 pounds (97th percentile).  I guess those fruits, veggies, and pb&j’s have really been adding up.  😉

I got my bit of enjoyment at the end of the checkup.  The doctor asked if we wanted to give him a flu shot.  I was under orders from the boss to oblige, for new baby’s sake.  I explained to Frugal Boy what was going to happen and let him pick the receiving arm.  He got the shot without crying but had that hurt look.  Then I prompted him to thank the nurse for the ‘medicine’.  Haha, I love the looks on the nurses faces when they get thank you’s.  It makes my day.