What’s My Cluster? A Look Into PersonicX

Have you ever wondered how advertisers such as Facebook can seemingly know so much about you?  The answer boils down to 7 simple questions that can place you into one of 70 Clusters and 21 Groups in the PersonicX model developed by Acxiom.  As a happy coincidence, Facebook employs this very same model.

What is PersonicX?

According to the Acxiom website, “Personicx segments U.S. households into one of 70 distinct clusters within 21 life stage groups.”  The goal of categorizing individuals into different clusters and groups is to make advertising more effective.  You can try out the demo on the Acxiom website (they say that the results won’t be used for anything besides the demo purposes).

Link to the Demo

I inputted our answers and got Cluster #21: Children First.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 8.09.42 PM

Generally, the lower the Cluster #, the more affluent the individual happens to be.  Cluster #70 “Resilient Renters” describes unemployed or temporarily employed renters living in mixed housing.  Cluster #1 “Summit Estates” describes the wealthiest group.

The methodology, and descriptions of all 70 Clusters is available here.  Scroll about half way down to see the Clusters.

What Cluster do you belong to?  Was it eerily accurate?

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