A Lazy Weekend & What’s For Dinner This Month

This weekend we did not do any extensive traveling.  Instead, we stayed home and finished up some projects.  A walk to the library revealed other people working on home improvement projects on a much larger scale!

How would you like to paint the top of that turret?

How would you like to paint the top of that turret?

It was a cold day, so we broke out some of the Fall clothing.  Thanks Auntie Rachel for the blanket!



It was cool enough that Frugal Boy just stayed in his pajamas all day.  They are really soft pajamas.


We decided to spruce up our kitchen with a giant whiteboard.  That way we could plan out what is for dinner and easily shuffle recipes around depending on how many leftovers we have and what we are in the mood for.  Large white boards are pricey, and with it being back to school season, small whiteboards are sold out in many local stores.  Being DIYers, we decided to make our own “whiteboard” from scratch.  Here is the result.

DIY "Whiteboard"

DIY “Whiteboard”

If you want to make your own, all you need is a sheet of acrylic (commonly referred to as plexiglass) and washable markers.  Glass is a superior writing surface, but it also weighs more and is easier to break and cause a safety hazard (especially with little kids).  We made a frame from 1″x2″ pine and stained it.  The acrylic fit into rabbeted grooves in the back of the frame and then we used glazier points (used for holding glass panes in wooden windows) to hold the acrylic in place.  A yard of fabric was glued onto the back of the frame to provide a white-ish background.  A couple of screws and 20 gauge copper wire hold the whole thing up on the wall.  The advantage of using wire to hang things is that it is very easy to adjust and level.  You should use washable markers instead of dry erase markers on acrylic because they clean off better.  Finally, our calendar grid is drawn on the back side of the acrylic so we can easily reuse it each month.

So with all of that said, here is what’s for dinner for the month of September!


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