Some Pictures from Spring

I have some more interesting blog posts in the works, but for now here are some pictures from our lives.

Here I am firing up the grill on the first nice day of Spring.  I’m also imparting some wisdom to Frugal Boy who is perched on a five gallon bucket.

Later that night, Frugal Boy put together his very first banana boat.

A few days ago, we voted in a local election.  Our mayoral race was not close, but the neighboring town was too close to call with only a 7 vote difference between candidates with 35 absentee votes still waiting to be returned.

Also on the ballot were school board members, the folks responsible for 62% of our property taxes.  They probably have the biggest ratio of taxes to media coverage of any elected official.

Frugal Girl tried out a smile for size.  It is hard to believe that she is almost a month old.

Frugal Boy and I went to see the circus.  I don’t think he’ll be running away and joining them anytime soon.  It was a bit of struggle to keep him interested.

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