Soaking in Some Culture

Yesterday we took in some culture in Champaign/Urbana.  After picking up an Aunt we went to the Urbana farmers market.  It was a sizable market and was well attended.  Afterwards, we visited the Spurloch Musuem.  The free University run museum showcases exhibits including Ancient Mesopotamia, Roman & Greek, Egyptian, Africa, East Asia, and Native American.


The Roman and Greek exhibit hall was filled with plaster replicas.


Some were quite eye catching!


Visitors were asked not to touch the exhibits, but you could get very close to them.


This Asian exhibit had some clothes you could try on.


If you aren’t interested in clothes, military history might be your thing.


I thought the mustache on this German suit of armor was entertaining.


Not all of the exhibits were about ancient history.  Some of them explored modern propaganda and the importance of reassuring the audience that the enemy could be defeated.


Someone must have let a seagull into the museum!


After thoroughly exploring the museum it was time for lunch.  We tried out a little Vietnamese place and even Frugal Boy got to experience some of the food.

Once our stomachs were full of tasty food we returned to campus to tour the Krannert Art Museum.  As you enter the museum you are greeted with two rather savage statues.  One depicts a Gorilla carrying off a cave woman, and the other shows a bear mauling a man.




On closer inspection though, your mind may change as to whom to pity.  In Shae’s words, “They had it coming”.  A nearby sign explains the artists vision.


Inside Krannert are multiple galleries.  We enjoyed the historic wing the best (pictured below).


Many of the paintings tell a story or have a story attached to them.  What may appear at first glance to be uninteresting suddenly becomes very interesting when you start seeing the nuances depicted in the painting.  Symbols played a huge role in these older painting.  Here is a painting depicting Saint George slaying a dragon.



The other galleries are worth viewing, but in my opinion weren’t as interesting as the first one.  Call me unenlightened but taking five photos with rocks shoved into your mouth isn’t art to me.

Outside there are a couple of other sculptures.  I couldn’t quite figure out why one of these policeman had a penis hanging out while he scooped up pennies.  If you understand why, or why they are scooping up pennies leave a comment!


Our last stop of the day was at a local mom and pop pet store.  Frugal Boy takes after his parents and loves fishies.  We didn’t come home with anything but it was fun to look!


Finally, we had to get in a short game of Peek-A-Boo at Auntie’s apartment and show off Frugal Boy’s new ‘words’.

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