Preventive Care

Today was Frugal Boy’s two month checkup and as the old saying goes,

“an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Well Baby checks like the one today are considered preventative health care and as such, our insurance covers all of the costs.  Quite frugal if you ask me!

Checkups always seem to start with a weigh in and other measurements.  After being stripped down to bare buttocks, Frugal Boy tipped the digital scale at 13 pounds and 9 oz (85 percentile?).  Holy Moly!  He has also grown an inch and half taller since birth to reach 23.5 inches tall/long (79%) and his noggin has been filling up with more brains now that he has a 16″ head circumference (93%).

After getting dressed, Frugal Boy waited for the doctor to give him the once over.



The most important part of the 2 month checkup is the first big round of vaccinations.  Thanks to modern medicine, the majority of people my age don’t even know what diseases are being vaccinated against because they have been largely eradicated from the world.  Sadly, there is a profoundly stupid anti-vaccination movement (parents who believe the vaccinations cause autism and other side effects) that is letting these deadly diseases to regain a foothold in our society.  The comedians/magicians Penn & Teller have a great skit that demonstrates the absurdity of the anti-vac movement.

[caution some strong language]

Anyhoo, we are firmly of the mindset that vaccinations are GREAT and that a little bit of pain now beats the snot out of being dead or disabled later in life.  Here is Frugal Boy after 3 shots.


I love that big ole crocodile tear.  😀  He’s now sporting some pretty cool bandaids.



Speaking of the Incredible Hulk, I was happy to hear the doctor comment on how strong FB was.  It always feels like a wrestling match when I change his diaper, so I’m glad that someone else finds him to be difficult to pin down.

The pain and tears were short lived.  Before we even got in the car for the ride home he had passed out.  The doctor did say that the vaccinations had one known side effect.  FB was probably going to be sleepy the rest of the day.  Oh shucks!


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