Parental Right of Passage

Some parents have their entire house baby proofed before they even leave for the hospital.  That is not us.  We take a lazier one step at a time approach.  Maybe, just maybe our baby will overlook some dangers.  Inevitably, that parenting style lands us into situations like the one below, where a very curious Frugal Boy explores his surroundings.  We just keep a constant eye on him in ‘unsafe’ rooms.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 9.15.40 PM

When he reaches new milestones, we do another round of baby proofing.  Our refrigerator once had magnets and pictures all the way down to the floor, now it serves as an impromptu growth chart with everything below three feet cleared off.

A trip to Menards and $5 later, we had a package of safety latches.


It was pretty obvious that someone else had installed a similar product in the past as there were already holes drilled into our kitchen cabinets.


Growing up, I remember the sink cabinet having the same style of latch installed.  Eventually I figured it out, but by then I was also smart enough not to drink bleach.

With the cabinets secured our home is a little more baby resistant.


I couldn’t resist making a spoof infomercial about the safety latches.  Frugal Boy was just too gosh darn cute poking his head into the cabinets to check everything out.

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