Fall Savings

It was a beautiful day today with lots of sunshine and temperatures in the mid 50s.  Frugal Boy and I took advantage of the lovely weather by playing with a free toy.  Leaves!


Shae would have made the Ultimate Cheapskate proud by shopping at the Dollar Tree and getting loads of spices and cleaners for a mere dollar.  One example is the 50¢/oz ground ginger.  Compare that to Kroger’s Private Selection label that costs over 4 times as much at $2.05/oz!


Dollar Tree vs Kroger

You might also be able to pick up some quality Halloween clearance candy.  Shae found a large bag of assorted chocolate for 10¢/oz.  Mmmmm.

We have also been entertaining ourselves at night with woodworking, instead of tv.  For $35, Shae and I spent five nights after Frugal Boy went to bed working on a pair of step stools.  It was tons of fun working together and making something together (okay it was more like parallel play).  Frugal Boy can now access the kitchen counter tops and gleefully pushes his little step stool around to help himself to fruit and water.



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