Catching up on Going Ons

I am way behind on blog posts so here is a turbo catch up.

Shae’s maternity leave ended a couple of weeks ago.  It was a great taste of what early retirement could be and served to strengthen our resolve to save and be frugal to reach that goal.

Part of going back to work and leaving a baby with a sitter means pumping milk.  Under the ACA, breast pumps are covered by insurance.  Medela is the most well known brand, but Shae opted for a Spectra.  According to her it is a much better machine.

A few weeks ago I turned 30 years old.

Quite a bit of family came to celebrate and spend time with us.  We had a good time.

Shae, Frugal Boy, Frugal Girl, and I did our first camping trip.  Frugal Boy was so excited he didn’t go to sleep until 9:30.  There was a giant raccoon lurking around in the trees to the left of the tent.  Naturally at 3am when he says he has to go pee I tell him to go to the right side.  Does he listen?  Nope!

Summer is definitely here.  It has been hot and like clockwork Shae and I have had the conversation of whether or not we should get air conditioning.  It always goes something like this.

“It is so hot”

“and the kids just want to snuggle”

“ya they are total hot boxes”

“we should get air conditioning”

“no the forecast says it is going to cool off soon”

“yep, let’s just sweat it out”

And then we’ll go outside and make a slip n slide.

This summer we have a nice basement room for the first time to retreat to and even sleep in.

We have also made a couple of trips to the swimming pool.  Frugal Girl did a lot of grunting in the zero depth kiddie pool.

Mulberries are in season right now.  I have a favorite spot to go picking that is about a mile away from our house.  Frugal Boy went with me last year and is now a fairly independent picker.  I’ll have to take him blueberry picking later this summer.

Mulberries are really tasty and healthy.  They are packed full of antioxidants.  The only way to get them is to pick them yourself.  Grocery stores don’t carry them because of their limited shelf life and fragility.

We did our first family 5K.  It was a bit of an operation to load two jogging strollers into the car along with four people.

It was girls vs boys.  Frugal Boy and I did well enough to medal in my age group.

Back at work, Shae needed an adaptor for our laptop to do a presentation for the employers internal ‘shark tank’ competition.  I had Frugal Boy tag along with me to the ‘tv store’.  He was majorly disappointed that we did not buy a tv.

Finally, the library’s summer reading program is in full swing.  Frugal Boy is an avid ‘reader’ and thankfully he enjoys ‘reading’ to his little sister.

That about does it.  I still have some big gaps from earlier this year.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything that I want.

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