6 Week Challenge

It is that time of the year when cabin fever is really starting to take hold and Spring cannot come fast enough.  To help take our minds off the last month and half of winter we came up with challenges for each other.  Each challenge is designed to better ourselves in some way.

Shae gave me the challenge of working out four days a week for at least 20 minutes a day.  We keep a calendar in our dining room where we can mark each day we workout.  Shae has X’s and I have O’s.


I challenged Shae to read one book about management or interacting with others.  She also must introduce herself and have a conversation with five strangers.  She wasn’t thrilled about her task, but that is the whole point, to try and strengthen weaknesses.  😀

Frugal Boy’s challenge is to stop waking up and wanting to play between 12am and 2am.  Hopefully he will be sleeping through those hours in six week’s time.

Judging by the amount of photos that Grandma took this past weekend, I feel that I have been slacking on the grandson picture posting.  Here are some more Frugal Boy picts.



IMG_5577Here’s a short video of him getting into the bookshelf.

What challenges are you doing while you wait for Spring?

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  1. Bart

    Clockwise Man, excellent choice.
    Yes, and Monsters Inside.
    Deviant Strain could have been better, you’re right to toss it aside, sir.

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