18 Month Checkup

Frugal Boy had his 18 month checkup yesterday.


He is progressing just as a normal kid should with a height of 33.5″ (84%), weight 27lbs 6oz (87%), and an ever large melon of 9.75″ (98%, no wonder why he didn’t fit down the birth canal).

The last vaccination was given, a hepatitis shot.  The doctor said he is good to go on vaccines until he starts kindergarten.  Yay!

Shae gave him a quick buzz to rid the world of a mullet.  A bribe of graham crackers seemed to do the trick in getting him to sit still.


In a few years when Star Wars 9 comes out in theaters, we’ll probably have to go see it.  A certain little toddler has been watching the neighbor boys light saber fight for the past year and he thinks that he has what it takes to be a jedi or sith lord.


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