Reading Goodie and a Field Trip

Life has been busy and I haven’t found a lot of time to write, so I will be keeping it short today.

Frugal Boy has slowly been collecting his summer reading bag goodies.  Shae and I have been working on his walking endurance.  He is so cute when he finishes a walk and is beaming with pride.  “I did it!”


I gave him the coupon for a free pineapple-on-a-stick, explained what it was for, and he dutifully held onto it for the half a mile walk to the store.



On Saturday, we continued on our family tradition of visiting the Shedd aquarium while expecting.  The last time Shae and I visited was three years ago.

It was a different experience with a toddler in tow.  He wasn’t terribly interested in many of the exhibits because he wanted to play with the information tablets that littered the exhibit halls.  I know the administrators meant well, but given the choice of screen time vs viewing exotic fish in the flesh, a small child is probably going to pick the screen.  Sometimes an old school paper card is the better option.

Some of the exhibits were hands on, including the starfish and stingrays.


In an attempt to keep the outing frugal, we packed a lunch and had an amazing view of the beluga whales.  The whales were quite camera friendly and seemed willing to stop and pose for groups of people.


By the time we left around 1:30, the line was way out the door.  You can easily skip the long line by buying your tickets online.  It is the same price and you can go straight to the information desk for admission instead of waiting for an hour plus.


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