A Rebate Date

Shae and I are an odd couple, so it stands to reason that we’d have odd dates.  Yesterday’s date was to Menards to take advantage of some great rebate sale deals that they have going on.

The best deal was for paint brushes.  We picked up 8 packs, 4 for us and 4 for the business.  We just finished using up the brushes from the last deal.

They were sold out of the Blow Gun Kits.  I may have to check back later to see if they have restocked.

We picked up four 75 watt replacement LEDs.  I might pick up another four for the business.  The extra light is nice on long winter nights.

There are some other freebies that I couldn’t justify a postage stamp for like matches, microfiber clothes, and deck cleaner.  I try to only get things that we actually use.

You can see the Menards sales flyers online here.  Happy hunting.

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