A Boring Landlord Story

Usually when you hear a story from a landlord, it is a horror story.  The tenants trashed the apartment, smeared unmentionable substances on the walls, and caused thousands of dollars worth of damage and countless nights of lost sleep.

The truth is that those stories are the exception.  The ‘boring’ stories don’t get told, or retold.  We just had an apartment turn over and it was a complete pleasure.  I know, all you sadists out there are disappointed.

This was the first tenant that we screened and put in.  Total turnover cost was about $125 and included zero days of vacancy (we had another tenant lined up to go in as soon as the previous one was out).  Most of the turnover cost was finishing up little things that we didn’t do last time such as replacing the wonky thermostat, switching all the lightbulbs to LEDs, and rehanging a utility door.

Here is a picture before I did anything at all.  They left it in great shape.  😀

In comparison, this was what it looked like from two tenants ago (previous landlord).

The verdict is still out on the laminate floors durability.  They seem to be holding up but time will tell.  At least we don’t have to steam clean during turnovers now!

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