1. I’ve been trying to do a little more with dried beans this year. With a crock pot, it opens up new doors! Here’s a great recipe for making your own refried beans: http://penniesandpancakes.blogspot.com/2012/09/crockpot-refried-beans-019-per-cup.html#.UTq6CRkmYb2

    I’ve also tried to do more freezer cooking so that I can freeze an extra meal that I make at the same time as the regular one and save myself time later.

    Your menu sounds yummy! We’ve been doing more two-vegetable sides (or a vegetable and a salad) and really like how I feel after that (peppier).

    • Andrew

      Thanks for the recipe/tip. I’ve been wondering about how to incorporate more beans into our diet. They have so many great qualities (protein, fiber, cheap).

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